How to Apply for a Totum Pro Card (NUS Extra)

Tired of paying over the odds on your favourite high-street brands? Make your money go further with Totum Pro (formerly NUS Extra), the #1 student discount card created for professional learners, giving you access to 200+ exclusive deals across the UK.

What is Totum Pro?

To quote NUS, ‘TOTUM is the NUS Extra card evolved’ and gives you the same discounts we know you love, but also extra features through a mobile app, such as daily deals and alerts pinged to your phone. You also get a 1-year International Student Identity Card, giving you access to 42,000 global discounts. This PRO version was made for professional learners like you. Moreover, it offers a range of super savings on not only the best brands around but brands that are more suitable.

Discounts & Offers with Totum Pro

Whether it’s a brand-new outfit, luxurious haircut, or special dining and cinema experience, Totum Pro has super deals for just about every occasion. Featured brands include Apple, Odeon and Amazon Prime.

How to Apply for Your Totum Pro Card?

As a student of ours you can get your hands on your very own Totum Pro card. Applying for your card is incredibly easy and can be done after your 14-day cooling-off period. Here’s how to apply for your card:

  • We will send an email upon your enrolment with instructions on how to get a Totum Pro card
  • Follow those instructions to receive an exclusive code with a special link to apply for your card
  • Click the link and pop in your details (Totum Pro need to know where to send your new card)
  • Watch the doormat patiently until your new student card has arrived
  • Enjoy access to over 200+ super discounts with your favourite brands