Who Is Edexcel?

Edexcel is a prominent awarding body that offers academic and vocational qualifications, and it is recognised as one of the largest in the UK. 

It operates under the brand name of Pearson and provides a range of courses such as A-levels, GCSEs, and vocational qualifications. These courses are offered in schools, colleges, and workplaces both in the UK and internationally. 

Edexcel is known for its commitment to education and examination excellence, as reflected in the combination of the words “EDucation” and “EXCELlence” in its name.

Edexcel qualifications, offered by Pearson, are highly regarded worldwide. They encompass a variety of academic and general qualifications, including GCSEs, A-levels, IGCSEs, NVQs, and Functional Skills. Consequently, Edexcel enables a broad range of individuals, including international students, to access high-quality education.

The History Of Edexcel

The history of Edexcel traces back to 1996 when it was formed as an awarding organisation through the merger of London Examinations and BTEC. In 2003, the Edexcel Foundation joined forces with Pearson plc, leading to the establishment of London Qualifications Ltd. 

Later, in November 2004, the company changed its name to Edexcel Limited. In 2005, Pearson plc acquired full ownership of the company, making Edexcel the only major examination board under private control. 

Today, Edexcel blends progressive educational approaches with international content, empowering learners to unlock their full potential through offerings like online GCSE courses, IGCSE courses, online A-levels, and functional skills qualifications.

With over two million students undertaking their qualifications annually, Edexcel has become a respected leader in online and distance learning. 

Operating from the United Kingdom, Edexcel collaborates with partners worldwide to provide high-quality qualifications that are recognised and valued by universities, employers, and governments. 

The organisation has a rich history of innovation and educational excellence, and its qualifications hold global recognition from employers and universities. Edexcel offers a diverse range of qualifications, including GCSEs, A-levels, and vocational courses.

Edexcel A-Level Courses