The pandemic of 2020 has meant that cancelled exams and missed teaching hours have limited the chance for many to boost their grades. Whilst the predicted grade process for A-Levels has been fair, regulated and as accurate as it can be, many people will feel like they missed the chance to do better by not getting to sit their exams, and we understand that completely.

If you don’t quite get the results you were expecting or need to get into university, we can help! But before anything else, the first thing to do is contact the admissions team for your chosen university on results day. Many universities will accept students through a process called clearing – it’s worth a shot.

To help put you at ease, here’s the answers to a few common questions regarding resits:

Should I resit my A-Levels?

If you tried your best in your exams, all it might take to succeed is extra tutor support on the sections you struggled with. Here’s some key things you should consider before re-sitting:

  • How strong you feel about achieving your goals in life
  • What possible paths you need to take to reach your goals: university, or an apprenticeship?
  • Employer expectations in today’s working environment so you can be prepared
  • Areas of the job market that you’re interested in working for
  • Important skills and qualifications you’ll need to enter these roles

You’ll probably find that the answer to many of these questions align with having good A-Levels. If you’re not sure what’s in your future, we can help you pinpoint your interests and find the right course and career path for you. Choose carefully and remember, when it comes to taking your exams once more, with the right preparation, you can achieve anything.

When can I resit my A-Levels?

If you choose to retake your A-Levels via distance learning, you will take your exams during the summer. The next opportunity to sit A-Level exams through Oxbridge is May/June 2021.

This gives you the chance to fully prepare in your own time and space, with unlimited tutor support every step of the way.

Your personal tutor will encourage, teach and motivate you so that you can confidently improve upon your results. No need to go back to college or study in a classroom. You can work full-time and still have ample time to study and revise.

Where can I do my A-Level resits?

When you enrol with us, we’ll send you your A-Level course/s or online login details, and you can start studying straight away! When you’re ready to resit your exams in the summer, we’ll find the right exam centre based on your location.

In other words, we’ll do all the necessary admin stuff (like setting up your centre, dates, times and assessors) while you focus on learning and getting the best grades. No stress!

Do universities accept A-Level resits?

Yes.  After all, the right grades say more about your ability than how you got them.

How many A-Level resits can you take?

As many as you want. However, overworking yourself won’t help you to get up to speed in time for the next exam period. Therefore, you should only take on courses you’ll realistically need to get onto your desired university course.

What are the rules on A-Level resits?

There are none.  Simply find the course you want to study and enrol.

Can I do private A-Level resits?

We’re a private college, so when you study with us, you deal with us one-on-one. There are no other students because you work on your own terms. That’s one of the main benefits of distance learning vs. going back to sixth form or college. We give you a fluid route to success from the moment you enrol all the way to the exam centre.

Do I need to pay for my A-Levels resits all in one go?

Not at all – you can sign up to our monthly instalment plans which are interest-free. Simply put down a required deposit and spread the rest of your course fees over 12 months.

Why should I resit my A-Levels?

  • We offer the latest AQA specifications for A-Levels with dynamic and engaging content
  • Fast-track is available on our courses (work as quickly as you like)
  • Coursework administration and 3-day assignment marking is included
  • You’ll have access to a network of partnership exam centres (guaranteed exam venue)
  • Unlimited tutor support – we help you write a study plan and support you throughout
  • The interactive study materials are designed to be learned independently, online or paper-based

How do resits work?

You enrol on your select A-Level courses and we’ll send them out to you or send you login details. As you progress through the course, boosting your knowledge of the subjects as you go, our tutors will be on hand to help and give you feedback.

When you think you’re ready to sit the exam, your tutor can book you in right away. The process is swift and easy, too, so all you need to do is turn up on the day and ace the exam.

When the results arrive and you’ve successfully passed your course, we’ll send out your certificate to you.